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Scuba Diving is yet another hobby of mine. I currently hold an Advanced Class Padi Certification. I got my Open Water Certification in 1987. My first diving experience was in Dutch Springs, which is located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania near Allentown. I did my check out dives there as well as spent some weekends there. Other places I dove so far are Cozumel, Florida Keys Anguilla and NYC area. My dive activity in my earlier years was limited and I have a renewed interest in the past 3 years.

Florida Keys - A great place to dive is the Florida Keys. One of my favorite dives is the Thunderbolt Wreck off Marathon Key. While doing my advanced certification,   I dove the Thunderbolt twice once for the deep dive and once for the wreck dive electives for advanced certification. My wife also had a good experience getting her Padi Open Water certification from Doug Morgan.  Update: I did my nitrox training with Doug end of April 2005. I now have my nitrox certification. I found its always better to get the study material and go over it before the certification training. It makes things a lot easier and quicker as well as not having to study a lot during vacation. Lessons learned on this trip, dive tables are always in hour:minute format. Test questions can slip you up by saying 80 minutes and not 1 hour 20 minutes. Bring a small knife on any dive (got caught up on some fishing line on the Thunderbolt wreck easily freed this time.) My temporary dive buddy was not nearby when it happened which is also prompting me to look into alternate air sources like Spare-air or a pony bottle. Weekend of August 5th 2005 Key Largo Diving.

Spiegel Grove and other Pictures Link

Captain Morgans Dive Tours

NY Area Diving - So far diving in NY area has been nothing like the water in other states and countries I have experienced (of course). visibility is much less but a dive is a dive.

My first dive in the Long Island sound was here http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lat=40.972333&lon=-73.14116 off Port Jefferson on the north shore of LI. Visibility was about 5-10 feet and this area looked like the bottom was dried up. The bottom was coated with brown shells and everything seemed mostly dead and dried up. A crab I saw when I grabbed it broke to pieces when I picked it up. It seemed like most of everything was dead. We did see a couple of horseshoe crabs that were alive (my buddy swears they were). Dive statistics: max depth 27ft, 41 minutes bottom time, strong current, water temp 66 deg F, air temp 90deg, sunny weather, date June 29, 2003, time around 1pm.

We tried a few times to go diving on several weekends this summer but the weather was uncooperative (high winds high waves).  Looks like this season is over for diving.

We plan to do some wreck diving around the area.


We dove Dutch Springs twice this year. The water is clearer than I remember it in 1987.   We dove on two separate occasions and logged two dives each day.  8/14/04 64 ft max depth for 25 min, and 64ft 30 min. Full wet suit and min water temp was 56 degrees 30 foot visibility. On 10/02/04 we did 73 ft. max for 28 minutes and 68 ft. for 30 minutes minimum water temperature was 56 degrees almost two months later with 15 to 20 foot visibility. Visibility was less due to construction near the quarry and recent rain storms.  Surface water temp was 70 degrees in October and air temp was also 70 F.  The hood made a big difference compared to the water in LI at 66 degrees. We saw many things sunk in the quarry. Trolley car, crane, helicopter, school bus, tanker truck, airplane, fire truck and more.  Many of these things are hooked up to each other by a line, which makes for easy navigation.  Watch your weight belt on the line. I almost lost mine as I was traveling along the line and it hooked my buckle.

 I am pictured left with Len Fecher my dive buddy.

Dutch Springs is nice place with friendly people and staff.  Makes for a great day trip.



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My Nitrox training promped me to do some research. Following are interesting links.

Link about Nitrox Tanks by Luxfer. Important reading.

Link to NJSCUBA article on tanks.



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June 2, 2007

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