Spiegel Grove and Benwood Wreck near Key Largo 

Grand Cayman Islands Jan 06

All Photos By Larry D. Gohl

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Spiegel Grove dive Aug 7, 2005 Key Largo, FL. Water temp 91 degrees.  Visibly 130 feet. No current. We used Nitrox 32 for the first dive. Perfect Conditions. Many thanks to Larry for sharing his photos.
The area where the rope is attached to the ship is in 90 feet of water.  For more info on the USS Spiegel Grove link here: Spiegel Grove Web Page.

Here is a link to another web page sponsored by the dive operator we used Ocean Divers Spiegel Grove Page. A very professional operation which Larry, Lenny and I can recommend.

Spiegel Grove 2 A hull shot

Hanging on the line.
Pictured Len and I hanging on the rope and ascending.  I saw Larry taking pictures and started waving and he got the shot.

Benwood Wreck Angel
Benwood Wreck Coral
Benwood  Grunts

These three photos were taken on the Benwood Wreck we dove on the same day also by Larry. Photo equipment used was Nikon D70 with Subal ND70 housing, 10.5mm wide angle lens with a fish eye port, two YS-90 Sea and Sea strobes.

Larry Cayman IS 1 Cayman Is. picture two.
Larry at Grand Cayman Is. mid Jan 06 I have no idea what it is but a cool looking creature. Second shot provided by Larry at Grand Cayman IS

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